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Apr 28
The sky of May 2021 – planets, stars and main astronomical events

Welcome back to the sky of the month with Astronomitaly! The time has come to find out what to observe in the sky of May 2021! METEOR SHOWERS IN THE SKY OF MAY The first meteor shower we encounter in this month will be the Eta Aquarids, a remnant of Halley’s comet. It is a […]

Mar 30
The sky of April 2021 – planets, conjunctions and main astronomical events

Our monthly guide to the heavens and the night sky of the month returns! It’s time to find out what to observe in the sky of April 2021. METEOR SHOWERS Shooting stars are back in the northern hemisphere! The Lyrids meteor shower will be active from April 16 to 26, reaching its peak on April […]

Feb 28
The sky of March 2021 – the main astronomical events of this month

Conjunctions, constellations, astronomical events and celestial objects to observe in the night sky of March 2021! Let’s find them out together in our guide to this month’s night sky! MARCH EQUINOX March 20, 2021 (at 10:37 am) will be the day of the March equinox. This phenomenon establishes the beginning of the spring season for […]

Jan 30
The sky of February 2021: planets, stars and everything else!

Welcome back to our monthly guide to the night sky. It’s time to find out what’s waiting for us in the sky of February: the Moon, celestial objects, conjunctions and more astronomical events! THE MOON AND THE PLANETS Lunar Phases Last quarter: 5 February New Moon: 12 February First Quarter: 20 February Full Moon: 27 […]

Jan 01
The sky of January 2021

The sky of January awaits us! Let’s find out what the sky of this month has to offer to all astronomy enthusiast. METEOR SHOWERS OF JANUARY The Quadrantids meteor shower is active from December 28. It will reach its peak between the 3rd and the 4th of January. Although the Quadrantids may spike with the […]

Dec 24
Comets: and overview of cosmic snowballs

Comets are spectacular, without any doubt. During the history of our civilisation, these stunning celestial objects have often been observed with suspicion; they were considered to be harbingers of misfortunes and calamities. Their sudden appearance in the night sky was in contrast with the static harmony of the cosmos. Their appearances were often interpreted as […]

Dec 16
The great conjunction: Jupiter meets Saturn in the night sky

Jupiter and Saturn will be the protagonists of the great conjunction occurring on Monday, 21 December 2020. It’s fair to say that this conjunction will probably be one of the greatest astronomical events of the year 2020. CONJUNCTIONS AND GREAT CONJUNCTIONS There are several kinds of conjunctions in visual astronomy. In general, we say that […]

Dec 14
The brightest stars in the winter night sky

The winter season is almost here. Here is all you need to know about the brightest stars you’ll see in the winter sky, from mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere. These stars can be identified as the vertices of two asterisms: The Winter Triangle and the Winter Hexagon. SIRIUS Sirius is the brightest star of the […]

Nov 27
A Guide to Double Stars and Multiple Star Systems

Double stars and multiple star systems are among the most beautiful and fascinating sights of the heavens. Let’s find out more about these important celestial objects. “LOOK UP AT THE STARS” Before we dive into the detailed description of double stars, we must do a little digression and start right from the visual observation of […]

Mar 27
Astrotourism: where to observe the stars in Asia

Where to look at the starry sky in the vast Asian continent? From China to Japan’s mountain reserves, passing through the deserts of Mongolia and the volcanoes of Indonesia. A virtual tour of the best places for astrotourism in Asia. Astrotourism in Asia: the best places to see the stars The natural spectacle of the […]

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