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Mar 22
Astrotourism: where to observe the stars in Oceania

Seeing the stars from the southern hemisphere can prove to be a unique and unforgettable experience. It is no coincidence that  many States, such as Australia and New Zealand, use the Southern Cross, a typical constellation of the southern hemisphere skies, as the main symbol on their flags. The skies in fact, thanks to the […]

Mar 15
The 8 best Astronomy Apps to learn about the Universe

Observing the celestial vault with optical instruments or with the naked eye, also using the Apps to see the stars, may not always be possible. This is mainly due to light pollution, which makes it almost impossible to sometimes enjoy the celestial spectacles. In addition, even the reduced view that we can have when looking […]

Mar 08
How and when to see M42, the Orion nebula

  The Orion nebula, known as M42, or the “Great Orion Nebula” is a diffuse nebula. It represents the hunter’s “sword” hanging on the famous belt. Here’s how and when to see M42 in the northern skies. We will also see the importance of the nebula in modern astrophysics. His study made it possible to […]

Mar 03
The sky of March 2020: spectacular conjunctions at dawn

The sky of the month of March 2020. Before dawn we will witness very interesting conjunctions, between the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn first, and then between the various planets. The conditions of visibility for the winter constellations are still excellent, but they are moving south-west. Here is an overview of the sky of March […]

Jan 31
Here are the main astronomical phenomena of the sky in February 2020

Here are the main astronomical phenomena of the sky in February 2020 The duet between Moon and Venus, Mercury which, at maximum east elongation, presents optimal visibility conditions. These and other wonders that heaven will offer us in February 2020. Let’s discover them together… Planets and conjunctions Mercury – This month opens with the maximum […]

Jan 16
Mars, some interesting curiosities about the red planet

From Schiaparelli’s canals to new missions, some interesting curiosities about the planet Mars The planet Mars is the fourth in order of distance from our mother star after Mercury, Venus and Earth. It will face the South-East horizon on January 18 to give us its first conjunction of the year 2020, with the red star […]

Jan 09
Partial penumbral eclipse of Moon: what it is and when to see it

With the moon at its full phase about to transit north of the constellation of Cancer on January 12, offering us the opportunity to admire it near the Crib cluster, we will witness the first partial penumbral eclipse of Moon of the year on the evening of January 10, 2020. The first moon eclipse of […]

Jan 05
Astronomical events of 2020: a year full of phenomena

While we leave behind a 2019 full of astronomical events, we face the new year that promises to be no less intense. Given the beautiful conjunctions (the so-called planetary and astral “kisses”), the inevitable meteor showers, and penumbral lunar eclipses, the observing evenings will be just as rich and exciting. Here, month by month, the […]

Dec 31
The astronomical events of the sky of January 2020, from Quadrantids to the eclipse…

The curtain opens on 2020. From the Quadrantids to the partial penumbral eclipse of the Moon, the main phenomena that will accompany us in the sky of January 2020. The sky of January 2020: constellations Observing the sky in this January 2020 means encountering the beauty of the winter constellations. First of all, the constellation […]

Dec 24
The Betelgeuse star is fading… is it going to explode?

Observing the constellation of Orion in the evenings of December and in the previous evenings, many will have noticed a significant decrease in the brightness of Betelgeuse. The second brightest star in the constellation protagonist of the winter skies is in fact fading… The Betelgeuse star In particular, Betelgeuse is the red supergiant we can […]

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