The 8 best Astronomy Apps to learn about the Universe

Observing the celestial vault with optical instruments or with the naked eye, also using the Apps to see the stars, may not always be possible.

This is mainly due to light pollution, which makes it almost impossible to sometimes enjoy the celestial spectacles. In addition, even the reduced view that we can have when looking at the balcony of the house, can negatively affect our observations.

We have therefore thought of a series of Astronomy Apps, to help us get to know the cosmos through our smartphone. Some of these use augmented reality, others offer us spectacular images of our universe, to understand and study it.

Here then are the 8 best Astronomy Apps to get to know the Universe!

astronomy apps NASA
Here is an image from NASA’s Astronomy App.


The spectacular images (and not only) of NASA land on iOS and Android thanks to the app developed by the American Agency. There are numerous features of this free and intuitive app (with English interface). You can travel among the numerous images, connect to NASA TV, discover the characteristics of space missions, such as the Cassini mission or the Apollo missions. The App is connected with the Twitter accounts of the various missions and the agency itself, so that they can always be updated.

ISS Live Now

The App for iOS and Android ISS Live Now is completely free. The application offers an intuitive way to follow the

astronomy apps: ISS Live Now
An image from ISS Live Now App.

movements of the International Space Station (ISS). You can also connect with NASA TV and with a Live camera. It also offers the opportunity to watch videos recorded directly on board the ISS.


Exoplanet, developed by Hanno Rein, offers in-app purchases and is available for iOS. With interface in English, it has a database of exoplanets that you can consult. With 3D graphics it shows the position of the exoplanets in relation to our Solar System. Interesting for those who want to deepen, or look at the study of exoplanets.

Spacecraft 3D

From the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the iOS app is free and is dedicated to space exploration. Thanks to the interface it allows you to operate the various space probes through augmented reality. It offers a detailed description of the various probes, which will be able to move, through the AR, on Mars, on Earth and in space. So you can also see the probes on the floor of your room… A fun way to get to know and explore space!

Astronomy apps: Exoplanets
Through the App Exoplanet you can discover everything about the exoplanets.

Mars Globe

Available for iOS, it’s free. It is an interactive virtual guide to the planet Mars. It will be possible to rotate the surface of the red planet via smartphone to discover its various characteristics. For each of these, a detailed description is provided.

NASA Space Weather Media Viewer

To be “in your pocket” together with other complementary applications if you are passionate about astronomy, NASA Space Weather Media Viewer is an iOS application dedicated to the Sun. Everything, but everything you need to know about the Solar System’s star, in a rich collection of images, in-depth information sheets drawn from the various NASA missions.

Lunar Calendar PRO

An intuitive and instructive App to be always updated on the phases of the Moon. Lunar Calendar PRO is a simple, free App that shows the phase of the Moon and its percentage of visibility every day. To always keep an eye on our natural satellite is ideal; you can also trace back to the phase of the Moon at a certain point in the past.

Moon Globe

To have the Moon in the palm of your hand, the Moon Globe App is suitable for exploring the craters and characteristics of the Moon’s surface. Useful for observations with the telescope, it will help to recognize and study the surface of our natural satellite.


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