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Jun 26
Vega, Deneb, Altair: observing the Summer Triangle

Spotlights and … telescopes aimed at the Summer Triangle! In the northern skies it is possible to admire, from the beginning of June until the beginning of January, the famous asterism known as the “Summer Triangle”. Main features Its isosceles triangle shape is particularly recognizable in the summer skies. Its position (almost at the zenith) […]

Jun 17
Where to look at the stars: the most beautiful skies of Italy.

  The main travel destinations to admire the starry sky in Italy. A journey to discover the most beautiful skies in Italy. Here are the locations of our country that have obtained the certification “The most beautiful skies of Italy”. Where to watch the stars on these hot summer nights? Among estates surrounded by greenery, […]

Jun 08
The first video of a solar eclipse has been restored: it dates back to 1900

Restored in 4K, the movie shows the first solar eclipse ever recorded The frames of the first total eclipse of the Sun resurface. The British Film Institute restored the images in the 1900 video which returned to the original movie 4K video quality. BFI experts meticulously restored frame by frame the film. It shows in […]

May 23
The transit of Mercury of 11 November will be a show!

Transit of Mercury: the next one will be in 2032 One of the most awaited astronomical events of the year 2019! The transit of the planet Mercury between the Earth and the Sun will give terrestrial spectators a rare show. It repeats itself after several years, about 13 times for century. What we will be […]

May 20
Moon eclipse of July 16, 2019: a show not to be missed!

The Moon eclipse of 16 July 2019 will be visible throughout Italy The Moon returns to show! After the total eclipse of 21 January 2019, in which the most daring witnessed the “Red Moon”, this time the Earth’s cone of shadow will partially cover our natural satellite, on July 16, 2019. The partial eclipse of […]

May 09
The most beautiful and evocative shooting stars of 2019

The rains of stars not to be missed during 2019! Spectacular and fascinating phenomena, we can admire the “shooting stars” in clear nights of new Moon, when the sky is darker, possibly far from the lights of the cities… From January there are already numerous meteor showers that have illuminated our skies. What are shooting […]

May 03
The sky of May: constellations, planets, asteroids…

Between conjunctions and meteor showers, the “surprises” of the May sky The M87 galaxy is the star of the sky in May. Inside it houses the super massive black hole photographed on 10 April by the Event Horizon Telescope. Even if the astronomical night gets shorter as summer approaches, there will be many heavenly shows […]

Apr 11
Astronomical events of April 2019: guide to observation.

The beauty of the Spring sky.   The April sky begins to give space to the summer celestial bodies. Vega, Altair and Deneb peep out to announce the arrival of summer and the sky becomes less clear. The Lyrids are preparing to punctuate the vault heavenly with the spectacle of falling stars. Here are the […]

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