Where to look at the stars: the most beautiful skies of Italy.


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One among The most beautiful Skies of Italy

The main travel destinations to admire the starry sky in Italy.

A journey to discover the most beautiful skies in Italy. Here are the locations of our country that have obtained the certification “The most beautiful skies of Italy”.

Where to watch the stars on these hot summer nights? Among estates surrounded by greenery, hotels and villages just a stone’s throw from the sea or in the mountains. Here are the main destinations to observe the starry sky.

The most beautiful skies in Italy

The Certification “The most beautiful skies of Italy” designed by Astronomitaly aims to identify and enhance the places of our country with a low percentage of light pollution. Places in which to still be able to admire a quality starry sky. It represents a concrete commitment to the development of astronomical tourism in Italy.

But what is Certification, and how is it obtained? Fabrizio Marra, founder of Astronomitaly, Astronomical Tourism Network whose aim is to promote and promote eco-astronomical tourism in Italy and abroad, explains it to us. A real “Astronomical Network” that unravels like an oil stain. So far, there are already 20 certified locations in Italy only.

A quality certification

“Through scientific instruments – explains Fabrizio Marra – like the sky quality meter, we measure the brightness of the sky in situ, obtaining numerical values ​​that must be weighted according to the context in which we find ourselves.

To become part of this network, we require a series of requisites.

They are often obtainable thanks to simple activities. For example bringing the standards up to standard lights to reduce light pollution, but also energy consumption.

Starry sky astronomitaly
Detail of a starry sky within the walls of an ancient castle











If you are not able to get the certification, these places nevertheless become part of a network circuit.

Members will be able to enjoy wide visibility on a geo-referenced web portal with special features “. A well-rounded project therefore. “The fundamental idea is to value the sky as the earth and, with them, the receptive structures, natural parks, local associations, municipalities, provinces and regions.

All subjects that can create a stable and productive network for quality tourism, based on the passion for astronomy and respect for the environment. ”

Quality tourism, respect for the environment and passion for astronomy are the keywords of this ambitious project. It has already led many locations to be recognized with the title of “The most beautiful skies of Italy”. Let’s see which are the accommodations that have received this important recognition and where it is possible to admire the night sky in all its beauty.

The locations certified in Italy

Trentino Alto Adige:

Malga del Doss – Ossana (TN) – Refuge in Trentino which has obtained the “Gold” quality certification.

fabrizio marra milky way starry sky
A spectacular milky way in the Italian skies

Astrovillaggio Sternendorf – (BZ) – first Astrovillage of Europe, which obtains the Astronomitaly certification: “Gold”.


Capo di Lago di Darfo Boario Terme – A small and charming Lombard village inhabited by only 20 people, now recognized among “The most beautiful skies of Italy”.

Friuli Venezia Giulia:

Meublè Pa ’Krhaizar – Sauris – Lovely location to spend relaxing moments in Friuli.


Resort Tenuta delle Ripalte – Capoliveri (LI) – “Gold” level – In Tuscany, an ideal place to spend days relaxing and enjoying nature.

Poggio alla Rocca – Civitella Paganico (GR) – Farmhouse in Tuscany surrounded by woods and vineyards that has obtained the “Gold” certification.

Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti – San Donato in Poggio (FI) – Scientific structure with cutting-edge equipment among the Chianti vineyards. A perfect combination of science and nature to return to admire the stars.


Agriturismo San Lorenzo della Rabatta – Perugia (PG) – Among the countryside of Umbria, it is a medieval village transformed into a farmhouse, which has obtained the “Gold” certification.

Castello di Petroia – Gubbio – Ancient fortress in the heart of Umbria, certified “The most beautiful skies in Italy” “Gold”.

Castello di Titignano Orvieto – Gold Level – In a magical atmosphere the castle, built in medieval times, is the ideal location to immerse yourself in history and admire the starry sky.

milky way italyLazio:

Il Torrino del Povile – Graffignano (VT). In Lazio, the ideal place to spend a holiday dedicated to biological culture and nature.

Casale Natura e Cavallo – Tolfa (RM). Ancient farmhouse in the Monti della Tolfa, ranks among “The most beautiful skies of Italy”

Borgo di Labro (RI) with the two observing sites “La Valle Avanzana” and “Le Querce” – A small town of 367 inhabitants where you can admire the starry sky in peace, between history and nature…

Borgo di Rocca Massima (LT) with the two observing sites “I Pascoli” and “Il Parco della Memoria” – It is one of the “Most beautiful skies of Italy” (Silver level) the site in the province of Latina, from which it is possible to observe the stars and the Milky Way.


Rifugio Prato Selva – Fano Adriano (TE) – In Abruzzo, the ideal refuge to relax and enjoy the starry sky

Agriturismo Lo Scoiattolo – Montorio al Vomano (TE) – Agricultural estate in Abruzzo with a splendid view of Montorio al Vomano


On the island of San Pietro in the south of Sardinia, there are magnificent places where you can admire the clear sky full of stars…

Casa Maia Residence – Carloforte CI; Casa Giunco ​​Residence – Carloforte CI: Casa Vacanze Morgana – Carloforte CI: Casa Calypso Residence – Carloforte CI

Hotel Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna – Villasimius (CA) – “Silver” Level. Receptive structure set between the blue of the sky and the sea of Sardinia.


Agriturismo Torre Salsa Siculiana (AG) – Farm in Sicily immersed in nature and silence

Villa Sauci – San Vito Lo Capo (TP) – “Gold” Level – A B&B immersed in nature: a stone’s throw from the sea of ​​San Vito Lo Capo and the Zingaro Nature Reserve

Hotel Village Punta Spalmatore – Ustica (PA). Hotel village in Sicily between the beauties of the sky and the sea and … a unique view on the Milky Way

The experience of contemplating the Milky Way in all its glory. To the naked eye admiring our galaxy standing out in the night sky, “surrounded” by the sounds of a nature that is mostly almost uncontaminated means to realize that our magnificent earth can and must be valued.

Combating light pollution and all forms of pollution through sustainable tourism. Is the key to allowing the beauties of our sky, as well as of nature, to be supported and recognized as a true “treasure” to be protected and to love.

More details on the certification “The most beautiful skies in Italy”:

La Certificazione “I Cieli Più Belli d’Italia”


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