Hunting for stars under the skies of Africa

5 reasons (more) to visit Africa

madagascar africa sunset
A beautiful sunset in Madagascar.
Credit: Ivan Pedretti – Wildlife Moments

Thanks to the dense landscapes of uncontaminated nature, the African continent certainly offers unforgettable astrotourism experiences. Under the clear skies of some nations including Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, you can therefore take advantage of services dedicated to astrophotography and astrotourism. In order to enjoy stargazing and observe the stars on the African continent.

1) Botswana

Ideal for visiting Botswana and enjoying the astronomical wonders of this southern African country are certainly the driest months, from June to August.

Famous for the Kalahari desert, Botswana is rich in typical structures halfway between the beauty of a safari and the “luxury” of hotels and more refined structures. Therefore there’s something for everyone!

2) Namibia

It’s been recently awarded the title of “Dark Sky Reserve” by the International Dark Sky Association. The magical places of Namibia, in particular the NamibRand Reserve are perfect for spending hours and hours under the starry sky. With its arid climate, Namibia therefore welcomes many enthusiasts and amateur astronomers every year. With their equipment they’re so ready to see the most distant stars, galaxies or nebulae thanks to the clear skies that this land offers.

milky way africa
The Milky Way in Madagascar.
Ivan Pedretti – Wildlife Moments

3) South Africa

In South Africa we find the SALT (South African Large Telescope) which acts as a catalyst for astronomers and enthusiasts. It is in fact the largest optical telescope in the southern hemisphere. Thanks to its high altitude and clear skies, it therefore guarantees astronomical observations in perfect condition. The best times for astronomical observations in South Africa are spring and autumn. Another magnificent South African region for astronomical observations is the Tswalu Kalahari, northeast of the Kalahari desert. In fact here there are hotels and luxury locations that lend themselves well to hosting adventurers for observing evenings immersed in nature.

4) Ethiopia

From the altitudes of the Ethiopian Acoroco, over 2000 meters of altitude you can observe very clear skies. And all the details of stars and celestial objects, immersed in nature and in landscapes full of charm and mystery.

5) Madagascar

On the beautiful island of Madagascar we find the Kirindy Mitea National Park, in the south east of the country. Reports received from astronomers and photographers indicate this location as perfect for astroturism and astrophotography. This thanks to the low level of light pollution.


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