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Apr 28
The sky of May 2021 – planets, stars and main astronomical events

Welcome back to the sky of the month with Astronomitaly! The time has come to find out what to observe in the sky of May 2021! METEOR SHOWERS IN THE SKY OF MAY The first meteor shower we encounter in this month will be the Eta Aquarids, a remnant of Halley’s comet. It is a […]

Nov 27
A Guide to Double Stars and Multiple Star Systems

Double stars and multiple star systems are among the most beautiful and fascinating sights of the heavens. Let’s find out more about these important celestial objects. “LOOK UP AT THE STARS” Before we dive into the detailed description of double stars, we must do a little digression and start right from the visual observation of […]

Jan 23
How to see Betelgeuse, the Alpha star of the Orion constellation

The star of this month is definitely the Betelgeuse star, the “left shoulder” of the hunter Orion and the summit of the asterism of the Winter Triangle. In this article we will find out how to see Betelgeuse in the night sky… Betelgeuse is a variable star, that is, its brightness varies over time. In […]

Oct 20
Orionids, discovering the “falling stars” of Autumn

Up to 20 meteors per hour, scheduled for the night between 21 and 22 October. The “shooting stars” called Orionids will follow each other in the sky. Falling stars of Autumn We have already spoken, in the related article about the May sky, of the Eta Aquaridi, the meteor shower that we can admire in […]

Oct 17
Pleiades, identikit of the brightest star cluster

Pleiades, curiosity about the “Seven Sisters”, the most suggestive cluster of stars in the celestial vault. The Pleiades, sung since ancient times, are the most famous open star cluster in the northern sky. Pascoli’s “Chioccetta” goes to reach its peak of visibility in the sky. And you, how many Pleiades can you spot with the […]

Aug 29
The sky of September 2019, appointments and astronomical phenomena

The curtain on the autumn skies is about to open. The Aurigids inaugurate the month of September 2019, while at the end of the month we await an interesting planetary conjunction with our natural satellite… Constellations The constellations and asterisms typical of the autumn months begin to make their way in the September sky. Among […]

Aug 20
How to use the telescope: 5 useful tips

How to use the telescope is one of the fundamental aspects for those who want to approach the amateur observation of the cosmos, or for those who are already passionate about the observation of celestial bodies. Have you also decided to buy a telescope, or do you want advice on how to organize your observing […]

Aug 06
Deneb, all about the Swan Alpha star

The most beautiful “hen tail” in the Universe It’s called “hen’s tail” (from the Arabic Dhanab to the Dajajah). Its appearance, however, resembles little that of the ruffled tail of the biped of our flowerbeds… It is Deneb, the alpha star of the Swan constellation. We reveal some curiosities about one of the stars of […]

Aug 06
Hunting for stars under the skies of Africa

5 reasons (more) to visit Africa Thanks to the dense landscapes of uncontaminated nature, the African continent certainly offers unforgettable astrotourism experiences. Under the clear skies of some nations including Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, you can therefore take advantage of services dedicated to astrophotography and astrotourism. In order to enjoy stargazing and observe the […]

Jul 10
How to look at the stars: 12 useful tips for looking at the sky

Tips on how to move your steps under the stars … To not miss the most beautiful celestial events! Several astronomical appointments are coming, including the highly anticipated partial lunar eclipse. But during the summer nights we will be able to see numerous phenomena including the Delta Aquarids, a July meteor shower. So having the […]

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