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Jan 16
Mars, some interesting curiosities about the red planet

From Schiaparelli’s canals to new missions, some interesting curiosities about the planet Mars The planet Mars is the fourth in order of distance from our mother star after Mercury, Venus and Earth. It will face the South-East horizon on January 18 to give us its first conjunction of the year 2020, with the red star […]

Jan 09
Partial penumbral eclipse of Moon: what it is and when to see it

With the moon at its full phase about to transit north of the constellation of Cancer on January 12, offering us the opportunity to admire it near the Crib cluster, we will witness the first partial penumbral eclipse of Moon of the year on the evening of January 10, 2020. The first moon eclipse of […]

Jan 05
Astronomical events of 2020: a year full of phenomena

While we leave behind a 2019 full of astronomical events, we face the new year that promises to be no less intense. Given the beautiful conjunctions (the so-called planetary and astral “kisses”), the inevitable meteor showers, and penumbral lunar eclipses, the observing evenings will be just as rich and exciting. Here, month by month, the […]

Jan 02
January shooting stars: when to observe the Quadrantids

A stellar beginning of the year with the Quadrantids Astronomical 2020 opens in the wake of the shooting stars. The Quadrantids is a meteor shower that has the radiant in the constellation of Bootes. It has a maximum of visible meteors equal to about 120 per hour. When to observe the Quadrantids The meteor shower […]

Dec 31
The astronomical events of the sky of January 2020, from Quadrantids to the eclipse…

The curtain opens on 2020. From the Quadrantids to the partial penumbral eclipse of the Moon, the main phenomena that will accompany us in the sky of January 2020. The sky of January 2020: constellations Observing the sky in this January 2020 means encountering the beauty of the winter constellations. First of all, the constellation […]

Dec 24
The Betelgeuse star is fading… is it going to explode?

Observing the constellation of Orion in the evenings of December and in the previous evenings, many will have noticed a significant decrease in the brightness of Betelgeuse. The second brightest star in the constellation protagonist of the winter skies is in fact fading… The Betelgeuse star In particular, Betelgeuse is the red supergiant we can […]

Dec 21
How to observe Ursids, the last meteor shower of the year!

Still smoky hypotheses attribute the Ursid meteor shower to the comet Tuttle.  The last meteor shower of the year, will sail our skies in the second half of December 2019. That’s how to observe Ursids. Ursids’ main features With a ZHR of 10, therefore not very high, we are preparing to witness the latest meteoric […]

Dec 04
Christmas in the company of the first interstellar comet ever discovered

It seems that the gift that Christmas wanted to give us this year goes far beyond expectations. On December 29th, the first interstellar comet discovered will pass to the minimum distance from Earth – 1.9 AU. The first comet of interstellar origin  Its name is C/2019 Q4 or 2I/Borisov. The second interstellar object ever observed, […]

Dec 01
The sky of December 2019: main astronomical phenomena

The sky of December 2019: constellations, conjunctions, shooting stars… With the winter solstice leading the way towards the season that sees the constellation of Orion in the northern skies as the protagonist, the sky of December 2019 will be propped up with “shooting stars”, conjunctions, and the planets that until now have made it by […]

Nov 23
5 Astronomy-themed gift ideas… for a stellar Christmas!

Here 5 Astronomyy-themed ideas for your Christmas gifts! Always looking at the starry sky, this year we are heading towards Christmas. As always it is synonymous with gifts and surprises for friends, relatives and for our sweetheart! We have selected 5 Christmas gift ideas for sky and astronomy lovers, to amaze … stellarly on Christmas […]

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